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Poster: He Live's Date: Aug 27, 2008 7:10pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Jerry & Keith & ..........................................?

a bit of a non-sequitur but -- i have thought about that comment before myself and nothing has ever jumped out at me -- and i think the times when i have recognized it, it was still meaningless. it's like if you drive down a ciry street and look for RED, you will find LOTS OF RED, and everywhere you look you pick up on red....

maybe its only something you would know if you were in the band, because when you PLAY music you listen a lot differently than when you LISTEN to music. i find that no matter what you do your ATTENTION waivers after a certain amount of time.... when you are actually PLAYING the music, your attention os SO FOCUSED that you hear many things that your audience doesn't --

especially since, most often, you are playing music with a group of people who you interact with repeatedly on many different levels, in this case, over a course of many years with a lot of change.

even though we have listened to HUNDREDS OF HOURS of grateful dead, we were never IN THE BAND. the perspective is RADICALLY, radically different -- something in Keith's playing or personality started annoying Jerry. BIG DEAL -- we all annoy each other every day -- it doen't mean there aren't times when we DON'T ANNOY each other......

they had a "MARRIED COUPLE" in the band. COME ON! how long could it possibly last? AS FOR KEITH -- i don't have a strong opinion about him. sometimes i hear him play some great stuff, but from the beginnig he was never more than a COMPLIMENTARY PLAYER. he was not a dude that strove for the spotlight -- he was a talented piano player that lucked out of his socks like a MADMAN........ people talk about how he sucked towards the end... i wasn't there so i don't know -- but it has never deterred me from 77 or 78 dead -- they played some great stuff those years --

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